Scott A. Grover

President / CEO / Creative Producer


Tanem Davidson

Director / Producer/ Writer


Tim McKnew



For twenty-eight years I have lived in Monterey County. As a youth I recall the excitement of running through the hills and fields where Errol Flynn fought the Sheriff of Nottingham, or looking through the gates of the mansion in Pebble Beach that held captive the children who were about to “Escape to Witch Mountain”. From Play Misty for Me to Seems like Old Times, I feel as if I’ve grown-up on a movie studio back lot.It was in 1992 that I was contracted by Universal Studios to design and manufacture eighteen pieces of “road-kill” for a stage production in the theme park’s "Halloween Horror Nights Extravaganza". Through fulfilling two additional contracts for the studio, my company, art-f/x, was born. Over the years the company has evolved and grown, always utilizing and exposing the talents of the most promising and creative individuals, becoming a solid, Monterey based, multimedia company. In 1996 the company was incorporated under the name of BoundWord. Over the last sixteen years that I’ve been building my modest multimedia company on this peninsula I’ve learned to appreciate the economic value to our community that the film industry can provide. As an active member of our community I feel compelled to contribute my time and resources to improve our exposure and involvement with the film industry. Furthermore, I feel that it's my responsibility to participate in community groups like the MCFC being a good match for my creative passions. My indepth experiences in local project management will no doubt bring benefit to the MCFC.



Tanem started in the film industry as a storyboard artst for award winning films Cherish and Dopamine, while still in school for Illustration. Taking a three year detour in video games brought him Monterey, where he helped create Humble Pictures with Scott Grover. He is also an accomplished artist having shown his paintings in San Francisco and Monterey galleries.

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