Art-f/x Greetings: The coolest place on the net, where artist get to make pretty stuff like greeting cards, t-shirts, posters, and what ever other crazy stuff they want to sell for money.

  Art-f/x Environments: Building custom homes in Monterey County since 1996. Implementing smart design and efficient building methods in order to create an environment for our clients that improves the quality of their lives.  
  The Alternative Cafe: Providing a showcase artists and for all of BoundWord’s endeavors and a venue for interacting with our community. Art openings every six weeks featuring a mix of local artists, city artists and the artists art-f/x publishes.  

Indelible Groove Records: Created to give exposure to quality unknown artists.

Art War: Find out whats happening.  
New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art: Official web site.  
  Reel Estate Films: Real Estate video tours for Monterey Bay Area.  
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